Zyvotel Chain

Resident hotel Netanya, Resident Bitch hotel – a boutique hotel in Netanya with a large swimming pool from Zyvotel hotel chains.

A vacation in Netanya stars with Zyvotel hotel chains.
Offering two hotels on the beach of Netanya, right on the beautiful coastline of the city; Residents hotel & Resident Beach hotel  – all located in the best location in the city.

The location of the hotels in Netanya on the sea, right on its beautiful beaches, guarantees a quality and luxurious holiday experience with a base of half board.
Each one will enjoy suites and rooms overlooking the breathtaking scenery and free WiFi at no extra charge.

At the recently upgraded Residence Netanya, you expect a perfect vacation for couples and families.
The Residence Beach Boutique Hotel Netanya is especially suitable for businessman, families, and celebration of 'Shabbat Hatan.'

Located next to Residence Beach is Davina restaurant & events hall - a kosher and carefully crafted restaurant that serves a daily menu until 16:00. The meals are all prepared in kashrut.
As a guest of the Zyvotel hotel chain, enjoy a fabulous gourmet meal with an exclusive discount on the entire menu.

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We are waiting to host you at Zyvotel Hotels in Netanya for a beautiful vacation right on the sea.